The manufacturing facilities of our vendors are strategically located in excise-free zones across India. This advantageous positioning enables us to offer competitive prices to marketing companies seeking third-party products. With Accosts Pharmaceuticals, clients can expect excellence in every aspect of Manufacturing, backed by a commitment to quality and efficiency.

Accosts Pharmaceuticals stands at the forefront of Manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry. In today’s business landscape, the focus on core competencies is paramount for success, and manufacturing seamlessly aligns with this strategy. Beyond allowing to concentrate on its strengths, our manufacturing model presents numerous advantages over competitors, including flexibility, access to external expertise, and reduced capital requirements.

Accosts Remedies Pvt Ltd’s state-of-the-art GMP manufacturing facility is currently producing wide range of products in Indian pharmaceutical sector. With the assistance of industry-leading construction, design/engineering firms, and critical equipment partners, our experienced GMP team has a world-class facility that sets new standards. Accosts Remedies Pvt Ltd is now fully equipped to offer comprehensive development and production services.

WHO - GMP Manufacturing

Accosts Pharmaceuticals is esteemed in the sector as a quality-centric organization, adhering to stringent processes tailored for the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in Pharma Manufacturing. We have established partnerships with reputable GMP Certified/ WHO compliant vendors, ensuring that we meet the highest standards of product quality for our clients. Furthermore, our expertise in product package designing and printing enhances our appeal as a preferred Contract Manufacturing partner.

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