About Us

The journey of Accosts began with Axar Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. back in 1986. Over time, Accosts was officially incorporated as a company “Accosts Remedies Pvt Ltd” in 1996, marking the initial steps towards its establishment. However, it wasn’t until 2003 that Accosts fully came into existence, solidifying its presence in the pharmaceutical industry. Throughout its 38-year journey, the company has navigated through peaks and lows, yet has managed to uphold immense respect within the market. This resilience and endurance reflect the dedication and commitment of Accosts Remedies Pvt Ltd in serving its customers and contributing to the healthcare sector.


Vision & Mission of the company

Strict adherence to health care standards


  • Our vision is to provide innovative quality product with low cost


  • To become the most admired company to work for.
  • Growth of all with happiness of all.
We Help You Stay Healthy

Our Management….

At Accosts Remedies Pvt Ltd, our management team embodies unwavering dedication, visionary leadership, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. With a deep-rooted commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, we steer Accosts towards new horizons while upholding the values of integrity and transparency. Our strategic foresight, coupled with a passion for driving positive change, propels us forward amidst dynamic market landscapes. Guided by a spirit of collaboration and empowerment, we foster a culture of growth and development, nurturing talent and inspiring collective success. Our visionary approach and steadfast resolve make us the driving force behind Accosts’ journey towards becoming a trusted leader in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our Chairman & founder

Our Chairman & founder Late Mr RKD Mehrotra was a visionary & had an experience of 46 years in the pharmacy industry. He started his career as Medical Representative in a small town of Jhansi in UP. He had a vision to serve the society with quality medical assistance which can serve the needy and masses with low cost without compromising on quality.

Managing Director

Mr Akash Mehrotra is post graduate in Entrepreneurial Management from one of the reputed institute in India. He is a seasoned person and has an experience of various industries across his career. He has taken over the legacy of the company and has been able to steer clear the company from it’s all time low to a new peak. He is following the foot steps of the chairman to serve the society with the low cost medical products without comprising on quality. Under his leadership company has improved upon professionally and is on path of successes with the contribution of all stake holders be it the promoters or the employees.

Director Operations

Mrs Manisha Mehrotra joined the company during the corona period in the new normal phase. During that tough time She demonstrated her leadership skills and helped the company with the smooth transition in operation al excellence of the various business process of the company. Under her leadership operations of the company has smoothen and is at par excellence in the industry. Along with operations she has additionally smoothen the HR processes.

Happy Faces of Happy Associates

We take pride in fostering an environment where our associates thrive, finding joy and fulfillment in their work. With smiles that radiate positivity and enthusiasm, our associates are the heart and soul of our organization. Their dedication, passion, and commitment lay the foundation for our success, creating a vibrant atmosphere of collaboration and camaraderie. 

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